Saturday, April 10, 2010

Stamp collecting is a hobby,"not stamp collecting" is not

Richard Feynman on doubt, uncertainty: the "everything is possibly wrong" statement that Feynman says is a tenant of scientific thinking resonates with me and got me thinking about about what I fundamentally believe, not what I've been told but what are my core beliefs based on experience and my own thinking

1) A truth [and all true things] can be questioned and when you have A truth no matter which line of questioning you approach it from a truth will be re-enforced.
2) Its wrong to do something to someone else you would not want done to yourself
3) Question authority

Have you ever been wrong about something? [everyone - yes!]
Could you possibly be wrong about this?[only reasonable answer from a critical thinker is 'yes' - 'no' shows up an irrational thinker]

which got me thinking about Pascal's wager which lead me to this great vid

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