Thursday, April 8, 2010

Its the end of model run out sale!!

Upgrading power5 p595s to power6+ 5Ghz ,power 595s (9119-FHA ) has got to be a great bang for buck upgrade.

P595's have no end of life against them yet and the power6+ processor books have dropped in price almost 50% (eg ) and a 64 core p595 upgraded with 5GHz p6+'s is about as powerful as a new power7 3.5Ghz 64 core p770
System Name SPECint_rate20063 SPECfp_rate2006
IBM Power 595 2160 2180
IBM Power 770 2013 1689

(so you can still consolidate a lot more eggs into the same basket if thats your aim) and p595 has better RAS eg no single p5ioc chip handling both GX++ ports ie loosing the wron p5ioc kills all IO on the CEC - this was the case with the p570's too)

power6+ can do all the multiple shared pools(oracle savings), VIO, AIX6.1, WPAR, live partition mobility, micropatitoning, active memory sharing (not active memory expansion(Trade CPU for RAM) or max/turbo/intelli core that all sound a bit multimedia cdrom come MMX technology to me)

p595s can be upgraded to power 595s with just new power6+ books - no need to change anything else its what Auspost did - just by adding the new power6+ books you can free up lots of space (consolidating) and gain all of the good power7 features without increasing your footprint 1RU (Chris Gibsons experience)

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