Monday, March 26, 2012

Graphical representation of machine generated data

In this plot Im running a (ruby) gltail of apache access log while I rip the site with a recursive wget Often with machine generated data (eg a syslog stream) there is too much to read every item and its coming in real time from multiple sources so you cant see the forest for the trees. By graphically showing the data the eye can see if something looks strange or different than normal. The human eye has a data bandwidth of ~10 Mbps and couple that with the brain and you have a kick ass data miner!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ask For Forgiveness Programming

I recon THIS is how the brain mitigates Amdahl's law and why our brains are 'slow and inaccurate' when compared to a computer at adding numbers.

ACID/locking/mutex/semaphore etc just wont scale to billions of cores (neurons)

However a computer is 'slow and inaccurate' at identifying real word objects or doing stand-up comedy.