Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oracle Corp reference one of my test results

Oracle refenrce one of my tests...

On-chip Cryptographic Acceleration – New crypto units support over a dozen industry standard ciphers, enabling security conscious organizations in industries including telecommunications, healthcare, financial services and the public sector to keep their data safe with up to 44 percent faster secure queries than the latest generation of x86 systems when encrypted with Oracle's Advanced Security Products(4), 3x faster Oracle Solaris ZFS file system encryption than the latest generation of x86 systems(5), and 4x faster single-thread OpenSSL security than IBM POWER7(6).

(6)Comparison is based on internal testing of AES-256-CBC encryption at 8K using OpenSSL against published test results for IBM:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Compromising emissions!

Been reading about various side channel attacks, I think my skills (lateral thinking, electronics, 'puters, physics and math) could lend themselves well to this ...where do I sign up!
basically is eavesdropping information leaked via power,RF/EMI,sound,light or other means to gain information
(RF/EMI demo)
(USB port power and sound)
(PoC for picking up sound from mobo capacitors to break RSA )
(Keyboard taps)
(keyboard EMI)
(car keys...brute forcing the private key from all challenge/responses)
(a physical side channel aka safe cracking)

Padding oracle attacks
(decrypt ciphertext without knowing the key eg to bypass CAPTCHA )
( Efficient Padding Oracle Attacks on Cryptographic Hardware )

RSA FOB tokens
(Crack 3DES smart cards with an RFID reader and an oscilloscope, via power analysis of the chip in the card while de/encrypting)
(Read displays at a distance)
(Flashing lights on your network kit may be a spanned port!)

TEMPEST backronyms from wikipedia

Tiny ElectroMagnetic Particles Emitting Secret Things
Transmitted Electro-Magnetic Pulse / Energy Standards & Testing
Telecommunications ElectroMagnetic Protection, Equipment, Standards & Techniques
Transient ElectroMagnetic Pulse Emanation STandard
Telecommunications Electronics Material Protected from Emanating Spurious Transmissions

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Russian roulette

while :
echo "are you feeling lucky punk (yes/N)?"
read a ; [[ "$a" = "yes" ]] && kill -9 $(echo $RANDOM)
are you feeling lucky punk (yes/N)?
are you feeling lucky punk (yes/N)?
kill: 8051: 0403-003 The specified process does not exist.
are you feeling lucky punk (yes/N)?
kill: 18234: 0403-003 The specified process does not exist.
are you feeling lucky punk (y/N)?
kill: 16882: 0403-003 The specified process does not exist.
are you feeling lucky punk (yes/N)?
kill: 13023: 0403-003 The specified process does not exist.
are you feeling lucky punk (yes/N)?

Cisco IOS on Juniper hardware?

This FOSS networking looks interesting e.g. OpenflowSwitch movement

Trying to open the network stack -networking is where mainframe was years ago (proprietary everything

SANs are just fighting the ASIC vs. x86 battle now too e.g. perhaps when its all converged it will be all commodity hardware running FOSS?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

p7 vs GPU vs intel for HPC$File/rc25033.pdf

Just cant beat GPUs 4 bang for buck eh

...ask this guy

158000 GFLOPS for $420k

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Perl program to work out what the golden screwdriver has done

Here is a perl script Ive written to go out to the IBM POD/MOD DB web site and get back the activations for your iSeries(AS400) or pSeries(RS6000) systems - just feed it the S/n like below
(you can then compare this to what you get in the HMC to see if ones missed)

$ ./ 9117 10 06ebb
02 processors activated on 05/23/2011
024 GB memory activated on 05/23/2011
02 processors activated on 03/11/2011
016 GB memory activated on 03/11/2011
055 GB memory activated on 03/02/2011
06 processors activated on 02/22/2011
096 GB memory activated on 02/22/2011
01 processors activated on 01/12/2011
016 GB memory activated on 01/12/2011
06 processors activated on 03/17/2010
072 GB memory activated on 03/17/2010
19 processors activated on 03/16/2010
228 GB memory activated on 03/16/2010
TOTAL CPU=36 RAM=519168MB (507GB)

# PoC Script to go out on the net to the IBM POD site and tally up activations for a given i or p Series machine
# v1.0 9/9/2011
# todo - add logic for processor deactivation - who uses that? IBM dont even publish the code on the pod site ;)
use LWP::UserAgent;
$ua = LWP::UserAgent->new;
$ua->agent("mozilla 8.0");
# $ua->proxy(['http'], 'http://proxy:8080/');
use HTTP::Request::Common qw(POST);
if ($#ARGV != 2) {
print "usage: $0 MODEL XX XXXXX e.g $0 9119 83 9f6bf\n";
($model, $serial1, $serial2) = @ARGV;

##### main #####

sub get # fakes a mozilla browser, fills in the CGI form and snags the returned page to a local html file
my $req = (POST $_[0],
["system_type" => $model,
"system_serial_number1" => $serial1,
"system_serial_number2" => $serial2 ]);
$request = $ua->request($req);
$activations = $request->content;
print POD $activations;

sub html2txt # strips out the crap and converts the table to a local txt file to parse
while () {
if (/<\/table>/) {$f = 0;};
if (/Posted Date \(MM/) {$f = 1;};
if ($f == 1) {
# poor mans HTML::TableExtract - excuse my sed like perl....
s/ //g;
print TXT $_;
sub total # totals up the de/activations to get totals
$[ = 1; $\ = "\n";# set array base & output record separator
while () {
($code,$hex,$date) = split(' ', $_, -1);
if (/POD/) {
$p = substr($hex, 27, 2);
print $p . ' processors activated on ' . $date;
$pt = $pt + $p;
if (/MOD/) {
$r = substr($hex, 26, 3);
print $r . ' GB memory activated on ' . $date;
$rt = $rt + $r;
if (/RMEM/) {
$r = substr($hex, 27, 2);
print $r . ' GB memory activated on ' . $date;
$rt = $rt - $r;
print '================';
print 'TOTAL CPU=' . $pt . ' RAM=' . $rt*1024 . 'MB (' . $rt . 'GB)';


Im just collecting these in one spot so I dont need to trawl SAP OSS/SDN again... (SAP on per redbook)

SAP Notes regarding an AIX based SOE Recommended AIX settings for SAP SAP on AIX: Recommendations for paging space AIX C/C++ runtime requirements CPU Utilisation metrics of IBM System p Support for AIX 6.1 AIX Virtual Memory Management: Tuning FAQ for SAP HA installations using PowerHA (HACMP) Using SAP systems with AIX 7.1 Support for AIX 7.1

Oracle RDBMS and IBM related IBM System Storage and SAP High Availability Installations on AIX SAP Support of Power Hardware with AIX PowerHA compatibility Matrix IBM Storage and SAP - evaluation of HA and DR concepts

AIO new method (AIX 6.1)
lpar9[/] > ioo -a | grep active
aio_active = 0
posix_aio_active =

there are no more AIO devices in the ODM.

two new parameters have been added to ioo: aio_active and posix_aix_active.
These can only be changed by AIX, and they are set to 1 only when AIO kernel extensors are used and pinned - you won't find any more AIO servers.
there are now aioLpools and aioPpools thesekernel processes manage AIO

and dont forget....
Language Translation to install →ISO8859-1 German [de_DE]
This installs the required bos.loc and bos.iconv file sets

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Penryn / Ivy Bridge

I never intended this to be a condensed matter physics blog but there have been a few developments in the last few months! Intel look like they have got their 3D transistors sorted for the next gen of x64 processors "Transistor Technology Breakthrough Represents Biggest Change To Computer Chips In 40 Years"

For the first time since the invention of silicon transistors over 50 years ago, transistors using a three-dimensional structure will be put into high-volume manufacturing. Intel will introduce a revolutionary 3-D transistor design called Tri-Gate, first disclosed by Intel in 2002, into high-volume manufacturing at the 22-nanometer (nm) node in an Intel chip codenamed "Ivy Bridge."

Monday, April 25, 2011

Higgs boson spotted at LHC???

Rumored that the LHC spotted the Higgs boson at 115-120GeV where theory predicted...

Lets see if this is true/verified in the coming weeks

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Live Partition Mobility

Here's a demo I've done of a 5 min Live LPAR Mobility (think vmotion for POWER LPARs)

Its a running AIX 6.1 LPAR moved on the fly between 2 POWER7 frames: 5mins, not one lost ping!! (longest delay to any ping I got was ~78ms)

remote HMC LPM

(remote HMC - not both frames under the same HMC this time)

CentOS 5.6 get ext4

Centos 5.6 came out recently (not CentOS 6 - RH drip feed this stuff...)

2 points of interest

- ext4 filesystem
- php 5.3

RH is now a billion dollar company not bad for selling 'free' software

Couple of nice radiation dosage charts

Due to the log scale required to show this (or sound) its hard

XKCD have do a bossjob of it!!!

and to a lesser extent....

does not really show the logarithmic nature as well as the little coloured boxes

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

nice azure v ec2 vs google app engine at stackexchange

Move over RRDtool?

Graphs look a little SPLUNK!-ish


....its over, SCO lost, even floating legal warships on M$ money for 8 years

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Google labs page speed

google labs page speed

Maybe developed as a spin off from rolling site speed into pageranks? ( )

This tool analyses a website and give suggestions - got a 99/100

my work got a 42/100 and it gave suggestions how to fix

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Scripts to web publish HMC managed systems configs

2 Quick scripts (shell & expect) to grab configs off HMCs for managed IBM POWER(aix/linux/vio)systems and format them into a html web page.

Will work where no ssh trust exists (ie Where you cant run mkauthkeys -u lpar2rrd -a 'ssh-dss ....' as hscroot)
If ssh trust exists then the script does not need the hmccli expect script

Script renders HTML to stdout so just redirect eg ./$0 > index.htm

Here is an expect script hmccli that it can call

...blogger needs a code tag :(

Thursday, March 31, 2011


angrynerds spoof

atlassian (the home of confluence and jira etc) seem to be a really great company, atlassian culture like 37signals, google or netapp

...perhaps they will get it for blackberry??

Super-Heisenberg scaling

Spanish scientists have produced more precise measurements [with interferometers] than those predicted by Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle.....big woop?

This does not remove deities(s) with dice, it just shows reduction in certian cases(in this case a "beam of photons to measure the small magnetic field produced by a gas made up of a million ultra-cold rubidium atoms".)

link to newscientist

link to paper at nature

...not really related, however, I remember during quantum electro dynamics lectures my professor saying that the Gyromagnetic ratio was the most accurately measured constant and the best confirmation of QED to date, that was 15 years ago...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Data Science Toolkit

free tools and a VM you can use in AWS/EC2 or your own hardware to...

Mostly webby type tools to scrape data from sites or logs - file2text looks OK (OCR text from images)

screenr session recorder

I'm often looking for ways to record desktop sessions, for example
I mostly use Xvidcap or Istanbul(ogg format can be iffy to convert to mpeg/avi for YT upload (need transcoder - I use ffmeg ) Anywho.... this is a great idea >> SCREENR <<

Starts a java applet in any OS and records the session to their site, I guess the kick back is traffic to the site...

Friday, March 25, 2011

A few things to try and avoid at a prospective employer....

Here is a wordle of traits I think I should try and avoid at a prospective employer


In a nushell its all Capability Immaturity Model CIM stuff

Rules over results type thinking....

CIM -1 : Obstructive
Processes, however inappropriate and ineffective, are implemented with rigor and tend to obstruct work. Adherence to process is the measure of success in a Level -1 organization. Any actual creation of viable product is incidental. The quality of any product is not assessed, presumably on the assumption that if the proper process was followed, high quality is guaranteed.
Paradoxically, Level -1 organizations believe fervently in following defined procedures, but lacking the will to measure the effectiveness of the procedures they rarely succeed at their basic task of creating...

Agile in its many forms seems to be on the money with this culture and values to get stuff done eg

Thursday, March 24, 2011

if you get this you get biggie

\funny a coffee stain for your next (or 1st) scientific paper

there is also \goofy \homer from simpsons for LaTeX too

Monday, March 14, 2011

word lens

As I get older and closer to death, more and more things seem like they have a bit of magic in them - this is one of them

Arthur C. Clarke : Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

The building block of a quantum photon switch

Matthew A. Hall, Joseph B. Altepeter, and Prem Kumar from the Center for Photonic Communication and Computing at Northwestern University in Illinois have constructed a switch which fulfills these requirements and characterize its performance at the single photon level; it exhibits a 200-ps switching window, a 120:1 contrast ratio, 1.5 dB loss, and induces no measurable degradation in the switched photons entangled-state fidelity -less than 0.002

In other words the basic building block for a quantum photon switch
paper is here

Physical review letter is available to buy here

Diagram of the experimental apparatus and summary is here

Ultrafast ten to 200 picosecond switching of photonic entanglement

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Solution to Erdös' Distinct Distances Problem has been found

Poincaré conjecture was proved [and confirmed in 2006] and now another of mathematics' holy grails falls by the way side.
While not one of the Millennium problems its very significant none the less...

Actual paper is here

Information converted to energy

Physicists in Japan have (kind of) built a Maxwell's daemon ('s_demon ) that (kind of) converts information into energy

This does not violate the second law of thermodynamics as far more energy is used in the supporting apporatus than is gained in the experiment.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

MAd SciEncE zapzap chooCh0o

Sub micrometer tapered hexagonal pillars of indium-gallium arsenide for on silicon lasers!

Programable molecular motor seen to travel 100nm wide DNA base pair track using atomic force microscopy at about 0.1 nm/s!!

Richard Feynman nanoprocessor idea becoming a reality thanks to Harvard University and MITRE Corp

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Here are a bunch of datasets in one place