Friday, April 16, 2010

mkdvd vs mksysb in AIX for bare metal restore

mksys is a good tool but is a hangover from tape days, these days we like dvds and images - most machine dont even come with a tape drive (eg DAT) anymore but they do have DVDRAMs or DVD RO of some type
mkdvd is a wrapper for mksysb that will make a DVD image of your mksysb eg

#mkdvd -SI /dvd_backup_images/

This will create the image file into /dvd_backup_images/ with a name like cd_image_*
then you can use something like

#cdrecord -dao -speed=2 -dev=/dev/dvd /dvd_backup_images/cd_image_*
#burn_cd -d /dev/cd0 /dvd_backup_images/cd_image_*

(really you should NIM this shi7 but this is a stand alone example say)

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