Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Im just collecting these in one spot so I dont need to trawl SAP OSS/SDN again... (SAP on per redbook)

SAP Notes regarding an AIX based SOE Recommended AIX settings for SAP SAP on AIX: Recommendations for paging space AIX C/C++ runtime requirements CPU Utilisation metrics of IBM System p Support for AIX 6.1 AIX Virtual Memory Management: Tuning FAQ for SAP HA installations using PowerHA (HACMP) Using SAP systems with AIX 7.1 Support for AIX 7.1

Oracle RDBMS and IBM related IBM System Storage and SAP High Availability Installations on AIX SAP Support of Power Hardware with AIX PowerHA compatibility Matrix IBM Storage and SAP - evaluation of HA and DR concepts

AIO new method (AIX 6.1)
lpar9[/] > ioo -a | grep active
aio_active = 0
posix_aio_active =

there are no more AIO devices in the ODM.

two new parameters have been added to ioo: aio_active and posix_aix_active.
These can only be changed by AIX, and they are set to 1 only when AIO kernel extensors are used and pinned - you won't find any more AIO servers.
there are now aioLpools and aioPpools thesekernel processes manage AIO

and dont forget....
Language Translation to install →ISO8859-1 German [de_DE]
This installs the required bos.loc and bos.iconv file sets

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