Friday, March 25, 2011

A few things to try and avoid at a prospective employer....

Here is a wordle of traits I think I should try and avoid at a prospective employer


In a nushell its all Capability Immaturity Model CIM stuff

Rules over results type thinking....

CIM -1 : Obstructive
Processes, however inappropriate and ineffective, are implemented with rigor and tend to obstruct work. Adherence to process is the measure of success in a Level -1 organization. Any actual creation of viable product is incidental. The quality of any product is not assessed, presumably on the assumption that if the proper process was followed, high quality is guaranteed.
Paradoxically, Level -1 organizations believe fervently in following defined procedures, but lacking the will to measure the effectiveness of the procedures they rarely succeed at their basic task of creating...

Agile in its many forms seems to be on the money with this culture and values to get stuff done eg

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