Sunday, May 2, 2010

x86 Hypervisors and non hypervisors

Although I spend most of my `virtulsation and consolidation` time in the high end Unix/storage land (IBM PowerVM,VIO,WPAR,WLM- Oracle/Sun LDOMs,Containers/zones... USP-V HDP)

I do also use and keep an eye on developments in the x86 arena and run liveCD images such as network security toolkit ( ) or f5 BIG-IP ( ) its a good quick and dirty way to get tools on your work PC without perverting it from its SOE image

For a good free hypervisor based virtulisation have a look at Xen(Ctrix xenserver) ,VMWare ESXi, Oracle Virtual Box and Microsoft Hyper-V

VMware options considered.....
ESX Server vs. ESXi ( ),289142,sid94_gci1380354,00.html
And there is always VMware player!


MS Hyper-V

Oracle(Sun) Virtual Box

I also like some non hypervisor (ie emulators) eg QEMU and and

Ive used QEMU quite a lot(in Windows to run Linux and via versa) and I would like to get an AIX POWER CHRP image working in it one day.
Some people are having a crack eg

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